Sc.D. and Ph.D.

Sc.D. (habilitation)

Rafał Kobyłecki
Sc.D. thesis title: "Environmental aspects of biomass thermolysis"
Date: 15.Dec.2014 r.


Andrzej Kacprzak
Thesis title: "Direct carbon fuel cell fueled with carbon of various origin"
Date: 15.Dec.2014

Michał Wichliński
Thesis title: "Emission of mercury during thermal treatment of solid fuels"
Date: 07.Feb.2011

Marcin Klajny
Thesis title: "Sedimentation of dust during gravitational flow in vertical pipes"
Date: 02.Jul.2007

Marek Andrzejczyk
Thesis title: "Effect of solids separation on the emission of SOx and NOx pollutants from CFB boilers"
Date: 29.Sep.2006

Marcin Olas
Thesis title: "Reactivity of mechanically-activated limestone sorbents"
Date: 17.Jul.2006

Tomasz Czakiert
Thesis title: "Emission of gaseous pollutants during oxygen-enriched combustion of lignite in a CFB"
Date: 25.Oct.2004

Arkadiusz Kępa
Thesis title: "Requirements for the separation of fine solids in cyclone separators"
Date: 15.Oct.2003